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Crypto News

August 10th 2022: Pension Coin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 8th 2022: Btc Bros was removed from our HYIP Monitor site, Bitcoin7 add an investment news.

July 25th 2022: An investor deposited 0.05 btc and got 2 bitcoins from Vip Investment Club.

July 24th 2022: Hold Gain was closed today.

July 17th 2022: The list of real-world use cases for Shiba Inu keeps growing with the latest acceptance by Yachtzoo, a Monaco-based luxury brokerage company, as a mode of payment.

July 11th 2022: New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation dealt another blow to the upstate Greenidge Generating Facility, which produces electricity for the power grid and also mines bitcoin.

July 8th 2022: Binance CEO Claims They Have The Largest Reserve In The Crypto Assets Industry.

July 5th 2022: Crypto Africa online for accept deposit from bitcoin investors today. The Italian government will provide $46 million in grants for blockchain projects.

July 3rd 2022: Coinbase, the leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange, is looking to increase growth outside of the US as the company plans to expand its services to four European countries. A new bitcoin payment added in our proof page.

July 1st 2022: Contingent Investment is a private investment firm legally registered in United State of America, with partners in Canada, China. With a minimum of $4,000 you earn $150,000 in 2 days .

June 27th 2022: Albanian authorities are finalizing regulations that will allow income and profits from cryptocurrency investments to be taxed. The government intends to start enforcing the tax in 2023, following the adoption of the necessary legislation that has been proposed for public consultation.

June 24th 2022: A new bitcoin payment proof upload,A BTC investor gets paid 1.2 BTC from Pension Investment.

June 21th 2022: Bank of Spain has registered 17 cryptocurrency companies,Safe Investments add a new bitcoin payment proof today,Fountain Now Allows Users To Earn Bitcoin While Listening To Podcasts.

June 20th 2022: The ETF will allow U.S. investors to bet against BTC using futures contracts given the cryptocurrency’s performance in a single day, as measured by the CME Bitcoin Futures Index.

June 19th 2022: Because the BTC price dropped to $20,000, Pension Coin adjusted the BTC investment amount of each investment plan, A new bitcoin payment added in our proof page.

June 10th 2022: An executive from top US crypto exchange Coinbase is giving his take on the recent crypto market downturn and why he believes the nascent asset class looks more promising now than ever before.

June 3rd 2022: Pension Saving Plan listed in our site,Invest 0.03 BTC Return 3.6 BTC after 4 days.

June 2th 2022: Citrus Finance add in our HYIP Monitor site, You don't have to invest a large amount; you can start at a minimal investment of $300, see for yourself if you like the results and then invest more.

May 26th 2022: 7 bitcoins payment proof added in Bitcoin7 Payment Proof page, deposited 0.1 btc return on investment 7 bitcoins in 7 hours.

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