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Crypto News

June 3rd 2020: World’s Second Largest Bitcoin Mining Wants to Lend you Bitcoin, Partners with BlockFi.

May 31st 2020: Anonymous Bitcoin (BTC) Whale Linked to Major Crypto Selloffs Reappears.The whale’s Bitcoin wallet just received 6,000 BTC worth $56 million. As noted by a prominent crypto analyst who goes by the name Capo, the wallet has received large amounts of BTC right before major market pullbacks at least six times in the past.

May 30th 2020: Bitcoin 7 invest 0.005 btc return 0.2 btc after 4 hours, Multiply Your Bitcoin 40X in just 4 hours!

May 27th 2020: New Program added "Minimum Bitcoin Investment" , More Money Income reduced min deposit to $50.

May 24th 2020: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Author Continues to Promote Bitcoin as Economy Worsens.

May 22th 2020: China Could Move From Digital Yuan to Regional Stablecoin with Hong Kong as the Epicenter,Eec Bitcoin Provide 0.1 Bitcoin Bonus per day for post on your IG/FB pages.

May 20th 2020: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

May 18th 2020: From Cash to Crypto: COVID-19 Is Changing the Way the World Sees Money, Eec Bitcoin invest 0.005 btc return 0.5 btc after 24 hours.

May 15th 2020: Mexican companies launch Crypto Donation platform for people affected by COVID-19.

May 14th 2020: German Neobank Offers Bitcoin Accounts With 4.3% Interest.

May 12th 2020: 17,000 Creditors Hope to Recover Assets Lost to Defunct Exchange QuadrigaCX.

May 10th 2020: Cryptocurrency News From Japan: May 3 - May 9 in Review.

May 9th 2020: OTC Exchanges Help Thwart $5M Bank Heist in Brazil.

May 7th 2020: Bitcoin Bros add a bitcoin payment proof.

May 5th 2020: The number of bitcoin ATM locations has been growing rapidly amid nationwide lockdowns and the coronavirus crisis. With hundreds of new machines added each month, there are now more than 7,700 bitcoin ATMs spread all over the world. A new bitcoin ATM operator also installed its first bitcoin machines in April.

May 3rd 2020: Guaranteed Profit Investment will close the small investment plan soon. Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade issued a license to Turkey-based company iMiner for operating in the province of Semnan.Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade granted a license for cryptocurrency mining company iMiner to operate in the country. With 6,000 rigs, iMiner’s setup would purportedly make it one of the largest crypto miners in Iran.

April 29th 2020: KFC Launches Blockchain Pilot for Digital Advertising and Media Buying.

April 28th 2020: Btcbros Pay 0.03 BTC, get 3 BTC In 6 Hours,13X Bitcoin PAY 0.02 BTC TODAY, GET 0.26 BTC IN 40 MINUTES!

April 26th 2020: China Launches Blockchain-Based Service Network for Global Commercial Use.

April 24th 2020: Cuba’s First P2P Bitcoin Exchange Launches Amid Regulatory Uncertainty.

April 21th 2020: Stablecoins and Crosschain Loans: 2 Projects Attempt to Bring Defi Solutions to Bitcoin.

April 19th 2020: Investors have a Chance to Win 1 BTC Daily in lucky draw from Bitcoin Bank,New Bonus for 2020 year,First 20 Depositors in Plan 2 will get 0.2 BTC as a gift with Five Transaction Daily,First 20 Depositors in Plan 3 will get 1 BTC as a gift with Three Transaction Daily.

April 17th 2020: Billionaire is Raising $450 Million to Invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

April 15th 2020: South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb announced it would be launching staking as a service on April 20, 2020, with IOST (IOST) as the first cryptocurrency available for staking on the trading platform. Bithumb to Debut Staking As a Service with IOST Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb today.

April 13th 2020: Huobi Launches On-Chain Analytics Tool to Monitor Illicit Crypto Activity.

April 12th 2020: Bitcoin in Kenya – Ultimate How-To Guide.

April 9th 2020: Facebook Sues User for Cloaking Ads for Fake COVID-19 News and Crypto Scams.

April 7th 2020: BITCOIN ATM INVEST listed in our site today.

April 5th 2020: All listed hyips are paying on Coronavirus Crisis,Bless every investors!

April 4th 2020: Bitcoin’s spot trading volume in March overshadowed its derivatives volume.

April 1st 2020: U.S. crypto ATM network Bitcoin Depot has begun shutting off machines in high-risk areas for coronavirus preventionBitcoin Depot, the largest Bitcoin ATM operator in the world, has begun powering down some of its machines in an effort to halt further spread of COVID-19..

March 30th 2020: E-commerce Platform, Chiji14xchange Launches Its Long-anticipated Affiliate Program – First in The Nigerian Bitcoin Market.

March 28th 2020: No Tax for You: Why Crypto Traders and Miners Might Head to Portugal.

March 26th 2020: Kraken Exchange Analysis Shows Bitcoin Receive Massive Influx Of Money.

March 24th 2020: Bitcoin Explodes to $6,800 as S&P 500 Rallies 10% On Back of ‘QE Infinity’ & Coronavirus Bill.

March 23th 2020: How Bitcoin Could Be The Key To World Peace?

March 21th 2020: Top Five HYIPs on 2020 year.

March 19th 2020: Scammers Impersonate World Health Organization to Steal BTC COVID-19 Donations.

March 16th 2020: ProBit Exchange Now Top 5 Korean Crypto Exchange with Trade Mining Rebates Ahead of Official Crypto Legalization.

March 15th 2020: Italy: Red Cross Now Accepts Bitcoin (BTC) Donations for COVID-19 Crisis,Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has engulfed the whole world by storm, the Italian Red Cross – Young Platform, and the Colli Albani Committee – on March 15, 2020, announced that they are now accepting donations in Bitcoin (BTC) with the help of Helperbit.

March 13th 2020: Coinbase rolls out Bitcoin transaction batching.

March 10th 2020: Who uses the most Bitcoin ATMs?

March 8th 2020: Data Trek Research co-founder Nick Colas explained in an interview that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is being very hard on bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and that people will likely see a bank-issued central cryptocurrency before they witness the days of a bitcoin ETF.

March 7th 2020: French Court Issues Historic Bitcoin (BTC) Ruling, Says World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Is a Fungible Intangible Asset, Just Like Money.

March 5th 2020: Huobi Thailand is launching a crypto-asset to Baht, Thailand’s national currency, powered by Huobi’s cloud platform. The platform is licensed by Thailand’s Ministry of Finance and will offer regulatory-compliant crypto trading to Thai investors.

March 3rd 2020: How to Earn Bitcoin (BTC) Really Fast Even in a Bear Market?

March 2nd 2020: Australia suffers from too many BTC scams.


Februray 27th 2020: Tagomi‌ ‌Set‌ ‌to‌ ‌Join‌ ‌Facebook’s‌ ‌Libra‌ ‌Association‌.

Februray 26th 2020: Bitcoin Futures spreads on BitMEX, Binance now on a rise.

Februray 24th 2020: Security Investment was remove from our site.

Februray 22th 2020: Bitcoin Futures stall early as market springs a surprise.

Februray 20th 2020: Crypto assets represent a democratized financial tool in Mexico unlike stocks.

Februray 18th 2020: Crypto Retirement is a private investment program backed by private investments in various short-term, high yield, cash based land development ventures in The Caribbean. Join us today and see why we have been online and paying successfully since May of 2018!Earn 250%-900% Daily On Your Investment For 10 Days!

Februray 15th 2020: Big Money Bets on Bitcoin (BTC) and Blockchain As $200,000,000 Crypto Venture Fund Reportedly Takes Off.

Februray 13th 2020: Wallets That Will Let You Buy Crypto Using Your Credit Card.

Februray 9th 2020: Rebirth Investment Property 25% daily for 200 days, Up to 16000% in 200 days.

Februray 5th 2020: Bitcoin Price exceeds $ 9,700 to peak in 3 months.

Februray 1st 2020: Nearly $6,000,000,000 Ready to Move Into Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Altcoin Markets: Crypto Analyst Mati Greenspan.

January 28th 2020: Ripple Says Massive Global Expansion of XRP Payments Network Launching in 2020.

January 25th 2020: Coinbase Holds $8 Billion Bitcoin.

January 23th 2020: Greece Extradites Alleged Launderer of $4B in BTC Alexander Vinnik to France.

January 21th 2020: India: IT Minister Calls for Greater Blockchain Adoption in Boosting Primary Education.

January 20th 2020: The 5 Best Ways To Buy Bitcoin In 2020.

January 18th 2020: Malaysia’s Securities Commission (SC) recently published a regulatory framework for Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). The new guideline declared Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) illegal, making IEOs the only recognized means of conducting digital token sales.

January 14th 2020: Legit HYIP reduced the min deposit from $200 to $100, It is best to invest now.

January 11th 2020: Bitcoin options trading shows 25% probability of BTC crossing $10k by June 2020.

January 9th 2020: Low Interest Rates Provide Precarious Protection Against Crisis, World Bank Warns.

January 7th 2020: Bitcoin Options trading may see CME getting top spot in 2020.

January 5th 2020: Bitcoin Could Surpass $9,000 Before The End Of January Says CEO of Three Arrows Capital.

January 3rd 2020: Bitcoin is Another Year Older but Its Story is Just Beginning.

December 31st 2019: Happy New Year for 2020! Is 2020 The Year Of Blockchain?

December 26th 2019: Happy New Year! Coinbase Now Offering Free $52 In Orchid (OXT) Token With Coinbase Earn.

December 24th 2019: Merry Christmas! THIS CRYPTO ASSET OTHER THAN BITCOIN COULD BE 2020’S WINNER.

December 21th 2019: Bitcoin futures: BitMEX may get serious competition from Binance, FTX deal.

December 18th 2019: Lukka Crypto Tax Firm Launch New Product For Retail Investment.

December 16th 2019: UK’s Oldest Crypto Exchange to Delist Ethereum and Focus Solely on Bitcoin.


December 13th 2019: 1.6 trillion Bitcoin transactions facilitated over last 2 years: Report.

December 10th 2019: Bitcoin Ransom Attack in Argentina Attempts to Block Access to 10 Years of Government Files.

December 7th 2019: Bitcoin Investors Hoarding 11,580,000 BTC Worth $84 Billion: BitInfoCharts.

December 5th 2019: European Central Bank (ECB) Ready to Launch Digital Euro to Improve Payments.

December 2th 2019: Poloniex Bitcoin Exchange Continues Expansion Push with DEX Acquisition.

November 28th 2019: Russia’s Central Bank supports prohibition of Bitcoin payments.

November 25th 2019: Ripple Completes Equity Investment in Moneygram, Cross Border Liquidity Gaining Traction.

November 23th 2019: Bitcoin (BTC) $10K Coming With $100K on the Horizon, Says Cardano and Ethereum Creator Charles Hoskinson.

November 19th 2019: LocalEthereum Adds Bitcoin as LocalBitcoins Bows to Finland Regulators.

November 15th 2019: How Cryptocurrency Is Making An Impact On Pensions.

November 13th 2019: F2Pool launches new bicoin (BTC) mining pool server in Moscow.

November 12th 2019: Swiss crypto broker Bitcoin Suisse is partnering with European payment and transaction services provider Worldline to boost crypto payment acceptance in the country.The new system will be available for the 65,000 Swiss merchants currently using Wordline’s nationwide payments infrastructure, dubbed SIX Payment Services.

November 10th 2019: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof on their site.

November 9th 2019: Ethereum’s Joseph Lubin expresses wish to help China with Ethereum tech.

November 7th 2019: Crypto Insider: $2.33 Billion in Bitcoin (BTC) Moving Every Day – Plus XRP, Ripple, Ethereum Updates.

November 5th 2019: Why More Small Businesses Are Choosing To Accept Cryptocurrency As A Payment Method.

November 3rd 2019: German Entrepreneur Claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, Co-founder of Bitcoin.

November 1st 2019: German Banks Recommend Creation of Crypto-Based Digital Euro.

October 28th 2019: Press Release: Gambling Industry Assists Certain Cryptos to Maintain Their Growth.

October 23th 2019: Bitcoin needs to be valued at around $150,000 to handle Bitcoin ETF demands.

October 19th 2019: Why Most People Don't Really Need Exchanges.

October 18th 2019: PayPal co-founder invests in renewable energy-focused bitcoin mining facility.

October 13th 2019: Growth of BTC Millionaires Now Matches Bitcoin’s Early Years: New Data.

October 10th 2019: Bitcoin Price Pumps to $8,800, Plunges by 5% in Rapid Succession.

October 8th 2019: Asset Management Firm Stone Ridge Files Prospectus for New Bitcoin Futures Fund.

October 4th 2019: – $30000 Perfect Money Dollars sent to a Czech Investor on October 4th 2019

September 30th 2019: Telegram's Blockchain 'Could Open a New Era' + 10 More Crypto News.

September 28th 2019: Software Engineer Reveals Oracle Creation Platform for Bitcoin Cash.

September 25th 2019: Major German Stock Exchange Group Launches Crypto Trading.

September 23th 2019: Bitcoin And Bonds: Why Are These Two Assets Moving Together?

September 19th 2019: New Bitcoin Payment Proof added on Proof page.

September 18th 2019: 18,000 Traders and Growing -'s Crypto Exchange Shines Brightly.

September 16th 2019: Here’s How Europeans Can Deal With Negative Interest Rates.

September 12th 2019: Bitmain Launches Next Gen Miner as Bitcoin Hashrate Touches 100 Exahash.

September 10th 2019: Stablecoins and Exchange Coins - What's the Difference From the Ol' Corporate Bond?

September 8th 2019: Bitcoin’s Scaling Problems Forced Facebook to Launch Libra.

September 4th 2019: Oracle lets blockchain tech firm hydrogen into its cloud marketplace.

September 2nd 2019: 13XBTC INVEST 0.05 BTC TODAY, GET 0.65 BTC IN 40 MINUTES! 13xbtc running for 2 years, never missing payment, they had more than 1000 members. Don't lose a chance for get rich with 13xbtc.

August 31th 2019: More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash.

August 30th 2019: Bitcoin is on Samsung Galaxy S10 Already, Another 32 Cryptos Supported.

August 28th 2019: Coinbase study says 56 of top 50 universities have crypto classes.

August 25th 2019: How to Reduce Your Crypto Tax Bill by Taking Out a Crypto-Back Loans.

August 21th 2019: Three Reasons Why Bitcoin Price is Back Under $10K… Again.

August 19th 2019: Philippines Increasingly Crypto Friendly.

August 15th 2019: Samsung Adds Bitcoin to its Crypto Wallet, Available on Note 10 Also,The biggest smartphone maker Samsung has added Bitcoin support to its forthcoming Blockchain Keystore Software Development Kit (SDK) and confirmed that its cryptocurrency wallet is supported on its newest flagship phablet, Galaxy Note 10.

August 9th 2019: 21 million Americans would consider investing in Bitcoin, says Grayscale survey.

August 6th 2019: YouTube Bitcoin Evangelist Gives Crypto Scammer Taste of Own Medicine.

August 3th 2019: How Much Bitcoin Is Really Being Traded in Zimbabwe?

July 31th 2019: China Publishes New Rankings of 37 Crypto Projects.

July 29th 2019: Do I have to pay tax on Bitcoin or Libra profits (and what will happen if I don't)?

July 27th 2019: Five of the Most Important Use Cases for Cryptocurrency.

July 25th 2019: Uber Switches to Bitcoin in Argentina After Govt Blocks Uber Credit Card.

July 21th 2019: Bitcoin slips as CFTC probes BitMEX over client trades.

July 19th 2019: Billionaire investor Tim Draper on crypto and Theranos.

July 17th 2019: UK Government Takes on Dirty Money in the Crypto Market with New Economic Crime Plan.

July 14th 2019: Marijuana Stocks: Mapping Out Canada's Cannabis Invasion Of The U.S.

July 12th 2019: Miners Flock to Iran Where Bitcoin Mining Is Set to Be Sanctioned.

July 9th 2019: Bitfinex Broke BitLicense Limitations, Maintains NYAG.The New York Attorney General has presented evidence of Bitfinex in the state of New York without BitLicense, despite the exchange’s denials.

July 2nd 2019: Facebook Plans Global Financial System Based on Cryptocurrency.

June 30th 2019: Bitcoin: An End-of-Month Analysis.

June 27th 2019: Bitcoin prices plunge after surging — Here's what five experts say about the digital currency.

June 25th 2019: Bckke Bitcoin min is 0.01 btc now,We automatically send your doubled bitcoins back after 3 hours.

June 23th 2019: Moscow to Consider ‘Legalizing Cryptocurrency Trading.

June 20th 2019: Crypto Billionaire Tyler Winklevoss Calls for $15K BTC Once Bitcoin Price Breaks $10K.

June 19th 2019: Ripple Invests up to $50 Million Into MoneyGram, Deal Involves Two Years of Using XRP and xRapid for Settlements.

June 15th 2019: Crypto InterCambio: New Cryptocurrency Instant Exchange Service from Chile.

June 14th 2019: Facebook Coin Raises Over USD 120M from Visa, PayPal and the Like.

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