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The Best High Yield Investment Programs


Invest to achieve financial independence. Each and every single individual desires to be financially independent at some point in their lives. We all know that financial independence can bring freedom of lifestyle and choice. Many people are not aware of how to invest money but they do know they should. Some people learn how to invest online via tutorials offered by many companies. Other people learn how to invest in stock market opportunities via conversations with friends or investment advisors. Of course, it does take a savvy individual for stock market investing for to invest stock market opportunities does entail risk. The key is to invest by saving money on a regular basis which helps to ensure our future is one that will be free of financial stress in later years and helps create the steps towards the creation of financial independence. Begin to invest today and your tomorrow will be full of freedom and choice.

Invest today and not tomorrow

It is important to understand that procrastination is the death knell of financial independence. Each of us tends to procrastinate from time to time in various activities. For example, most of us know that exercising on a regular basis is a key to a long and healthy life. However, most people are very sedentary and their intentions, though noble, to invest the time to exercise are never fulfilled. Later in life, as their health wanes, they begin to understand that if they had taken the time to invest a small portion of each day (thirty minutes each day according to the most recent studies) in an exercise program their current state of health and quality of life might be much better.

In a similar manner taking the time to invest on a regular systematic basis should lead to a higher quality of life in an individual's later years. Disciplining yourself to invest early in your life and on a systematic basis can be very rewarding. An example would be the following. If an individual invests two thousand dollars a year starting at the age of 20 and continues the process for another 20 years they could accumulate quite a nest egg for their financial independence. Assuming a nominal return of eight percent before taxes, and using the aforementioned plan of attack, an individual would have a nest egg of over ninety thousand dollars. Of course, this would not be an amount necessary to achieve financial independence but it does show that when an individual does invest on a regular basis they can achieve significant financial rewards without taking an undue amount of risk.

Let us take another example of an individual disciplining themselves to invest on a regular basis for an extended period of time. Let us assume that a program to invest calls for three hundred dollar per month into a particular investment vehicle. Let us also assume that this individual sticks with the program for a longer period of time. The individual disciplines themselves for a period of thirty years. Assuming a program to invest that yields a nominal return of eight percent before taxes, the program to invest will yield four hundred forty seven thousand and one hundred and eight dollars ($447,107.83 to be exact). Now that is a hefty sum of money accumulated and the amount to invest of three hundred dollars per month is not an unreasonable amount for most people to put aside.

Invest from a perspective that is manageable and attainable

A good perspective and a manageable manner to invest an amount such as three hundred dollars per month are to break that dollar figure down into weekly dollar amounts and then daily dollar amounts. If a person breaks the three hundred dollars down to a weekly dollar amount then it becomes seventy five dollars per week. If a person then breaks down that amount into a daily sum it becomes ten dollars and seventy one cents per day. Thus the question becomes is a person willing to invest ten dollars and seventy one cents per day to assure their financial independence? If they are willing to invest with discipline on such a simple program then the key is to find out where and from what the ten dollars and seventy one cents will come from. This will be the basis of the next feature in the series to invest for financial freedom.

Invest for Financial Freedom

Invest on a regular systematic basis and you can become financially independent and have a life in your later years that is comfortable and free of worry and stress. Failure to plan for your future can only result in a plan of failure.

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